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Monday, October 14, 2019
Lodge Members Receive Awards and Honors
In the recent couple of months, several of our members have received awards, and honors from Moose International, the Alaska-Hawaii Moose Association, and from the lodge itself.

Alan Scott received the Valued Veteran of the Year Award

Scott Kahle received the Moose of the Year Award

Julie Wills was named Deputy Grand Regent for the Alaska-Hawaii Moose Association

James Vincent received the Fellowship Degree of Honor.

Make sure to congratulate them all when you see them!!!!
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Administrator's Message
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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for all coming down and supporting the lodge!! We have quite a few events coming up, and we are always looking for help to do more around the lodge for our members. We would love to have more people volunteer to do food events, and just having everyone here makes a difference. We look forward to seeing you down here this fall, and getting more interest in the Moose and our activities.

Thank you
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Senior Regent's Message
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