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Saturday, April 7, 2018
Our Main Social Quarters is now NON SMOKING
In the last several months, we have had many volunteers working tirelessly (Okay, maybe they got tired a few times) to finish all the work on the old office, to make it a fully functioning smoking room, so that the people who don't want to smell like smoke after coming in, can enjoy the lodge.
If you haven't been down to see it, you should. It has 2 televisions, a dart board, the Golden Tee Golf machine, and plenty of seating.
It seems to be getting a positive response, so make sure to get down here and see it!!!
Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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Hello Everyone, and welcome to the website!!!

I know it is that time of year, when everyone is a little extra busy, but there are some events you should make sure you get in here for.

First and foremost, the Supreme Governor of Moose International will be here on Thursday, June 7th. Please feel free to come greet him and get in on some of the food that we'll have. If you could volunteer to bring an appetizer dish, that would be fantastic. Just get a hold of me at the lodge.

Also, the WOTM are hosting a LUAU themed Bunco night on June 22nd. That promises to be a whole lot of fun, so make sure you come down and support the Women.

Can't wait to see you all here, and help us toward a successful summer!!!

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